I am a twenty-something year old adventuriste...


Emilie Wong

Artist, Yogi, Adventuriste

I grew up in Toronto, Ontario with a great passion in the arts from a young age. I dabbled in many different artistic mediums as a child and enrolled in various different programs in the arts - Arts History at Queen's University and Digital Media Arts at Seneca College. Education aside, I found the most rewarding learning experiences to be amongst my mentors, whether it was screenprinting a collection of scarves or painting a 500-metre outdoor mural. I love being around other creatives daily, and love seeking out the creative opportunities in unconventional places with other creators, thinkers, and movers.

I received my 200 hour yoga teacher training certification in June 2017. I became inspired to teach after travelling abroad in 2016 while practising at a surf camp on a beautiful Portugese cliffside beach. I wanted to bring the sensory awareness of these natural landscapes and innate sense of connection with nature to my future students. 

Since committing to the yoga practice and discipline in 2015, I have found yoga to improve my own mental clarity, sleep patterns, mood regulation, on top of improve my posture and general alignment and cardiovascular abilities in functional fitness activities. Meditation, journalling, and philosophical reading has also helped exponentially in sustaining my own creative streaks as I take on many different creative projects weekly. 

For inspiration, I seek out cooking, baking, reading, and travelling to be my main modes of refreshing the pages. I have a huge passion for board sports, finding new brunch cafes, hanging around animals (I will walk your dog!), and spending a lot of time outdoors.


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