Guided Meditation #3: Full Body Scan

Finding it difficult to sit still? Or perhaps uninspired to sit longer than 20 seconds without fidgeting?

This short guided meditation will prompt you to perform a full body scan from the crown of your head to your finger tips and toes, allowing the attention and focus to come internally rather than becoming stimulated externally.

Find a comfy spot in a chair or floor, relax through your limbs, and come to breathe.


Guided Meditation #4: Meditation for Empowerment

Name your biggest fears. Sit through the experience of showing up within your body as the fears pass. Where does the mind run to for comfort? Where can you seek a little more courage to move past your fears?

This guided meditation will allow you to show up as you are. With visualization cues focused on the Solar Plexus Chakra, hovering just above the navel, can you power up this area to build more confidence, more light, more fire to move towards your dreams.

The more clarity that we seek, the more streamlined our answers with the breath come by.


Guided Meditation #2: Grief, Frustration, Discomfort - Be Here

Moments that are out of our control, that bring a sudden urge for us to become erratic, pose our biggest challenge. Simple be here now.

Where can we put ourselves first to give ourselves the self-care we require in order to feel self-sufficient to bounce back from life's greatest challenges?

Take a deep breath in through the nose, and slowly sigh it out through the mouth, releasing what no longer serves you.